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Our comprehensive program typically starts with a special Nutrigenomic Test, created by Dr. Amy Yasko, which can be ordered here.

Dr. Amy Yasko


After the test results reveal the child’s specific profile, you receive an individualized protocol for health optimization. The protocol targets genes that need nutritional support for optimal function. Specific foods and supplements are used address areas of genetic weakness, in order to promote the body’s ability to detoxify and heal.

We recommend tracking your child’s progress with biochemical testing, available on our allied site, www.HolisticHeal.com

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Once you begin the Yasko program, you can easily access our dynamic Online Discussion Group of over 10,000 caring families who are there to share information, offer encouragement, and answer your questions.

We offer a wide range of information products available for different degrees of familiarity with the Yasko Protocol.

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Considering getting the test or waiting for your test results? Order Dr. Amy Yasko’s book, Pathways to Recovery and accompanying workbook here.

Parents and Practitioners familiar with the basics?
Our Resources section features many of Dr. Amy’s presentations, additional books, DVDs, diagrams, and selections of published articles on the scientific evidence for this approach.



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