Brendan and Kyle Griffin

Brendan and Kyle

Our first son, Brendan was born is 1992. Within a few hours of birth, he received all the standard vaccinations including the Hepatitis B vaccine. By the time he received the diagnosis of autism in 1996, we were both confused and relieved. Confused because we didn’t know much about autism, but relieved to know that what we’d been experiencing and seeing was not our imagination, but real. Still, as first-time parents, we were clueless, and didn’t know to help him.

Our second son, Kyle, was born in 1997, Following his vaccinations at fifteen months, he regressed, and was diagnosed with autism in 1998. We were devastated. Hoping that the same interventions, (Speech, OT, ABA therapies) that helped Brendan would help Kyle, we soon learned that what worked for one didn’t work for the other.

Although both were verbal, they did not communicate, and had little interest in each other. We prayed every night that one day they would be normal .

Following a 2002 DAN (Defeat Autism Now) conference in Boston, we began working with a physician who helped us begin with some basics of that protocol. After Brendan and Kyle went on the GFCF (Gluten Free Casein Free) diet, and underwent several rounds of chelation therapy, we saw some initial changes. But even with nearly the same supplements, neither of them could really communicate enough to socialize, share thoughts, or ideas, or do much pretend play. Our lives were still being controlled by autism.


In 2003, we found Dr. Yasko. At the outset, we were filled with hope and optimism, but felt a little leery when she predicted that this would be a Marathon, not a sprint. We wanted solutions yesterday. We were ready to sprint!

Through the Yasko Protocol, we learned how to control exposure to toxins in their environment, how to properly support the internal organs of digestion, and how to individualize their supplements. We learned the tools that we needed to heal them. Even though this was not a magic bullet, they were making great strides. We believed that we were nearer to the end of the marathon. We felt lucky to be there, and grateful for the progress they each made. We were jogging!

In 2005, went a step further in customize their supplements according to their SNPs. Slowly and steadily, we made even more progress. Brendan and Kyle had each developed his own unique personality, and sense of humor. Now they were able to make friends, fight over the front seat, make the honor roll, play ice hockey, have conversations, talk about girls, and talk, talk, talk.

Brendan Griffin


In 2007 we did an add-on panel of some extra SNPs, and we began to address specific gut bugs. We continued to see the excretion of heavy metals in their biochemical test results. Along with that, they made continued gains. Last fall, Brendan played on his high school football team. He recently attended his prom. On his first attempt, he passed his driver’s road test, and is now a licensed driver in Massachusetts.

Now it feels more realistic to dream of them being happy, healthy, and independent. As we enjoy them for who they are today, we’re looking forward to they will become. We are now walking!

With the newer tools and tests that Dr. Amy has assembled, she has created a Protocol that allowed us to address all the pieces in the puzzle of autism. We encourage each of you to learn about the Protocol and use the resources and tools available to heal your children .

It truly is a marathon! Thank you, Dr. Amy for walking with us to the  finish line.

Michael and Erin Griffin, Parents of Brendan and Kyle

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