Lake Taylor


I may never be able to find the proper words to express the gratitude I feel towards Dr. Amy and her work.  She has truly changed our lives!  When my son was three years old, he suffered from a multitude of medical issues, which included vaccine injuries and harmful environmental exposures.  I feared that I could never understand enough about the science of the human body to move the mountains and help him.  Though sometimes I longed to wake up and discover it was only a bad dream, I realized that I had an unstoppable will to undertake all efforts to make him better.



After a series of local doctor appointments, I recognized that if I wanted him to get better, I would need to take charge of Lake’s healthcare. Having neither the time nor energy to go to medical school, I searched for someone brilliant that could supply the healing wisdom as well as the dedication to help me help my son.  Dr. Amy was an angel sent to me from heaven above…truly!  Dr. Amy’s program supplied everything needed to help him with his multiple health issues—both the expertise and the knowledge to heal my son, and the motivation and tools to help other family members and friends The information, knowledge and encouragement I gained from studying at LNYU (Late Night Yasko University) will be with me for the rest of my life.

Witnessing how much Lake has changed, I still am amazed.  At age 3 ½ he was non-verbal, had issues with crying, screaming, GI/bowel, eating, gross motor, and social problems. To heal all his issues with Dr. Amy’s protocol, we started from the top of his head and worked down to his toes. By the age of 5, Lake entered into a regular education Kindergarten class and he has thrived. Today, he is a typical kid in the 2nd grade and he is making A’s & B’s.  He enjoys karate, basketball and Scouts. We continue to support Lake’s methylation pathways with Dr. Amy’s nutritional formulas, and will forever be grateful to her and her wonderful staff for providing us with the support and the tools to return our precious son to optimal health and healing!

With the utmost gratitude!

Marisha Taylor

(Lake’s Mom)

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