Malak Bali

Dr. Amy Yasko

Malak, Age 3

When my daughter, Malak received the diagnosis of autism, she was one year old. I was devastated. All of the doctors and specialists told me that the only available treatment was Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA). Even with that treatment, they said that she might never be capable of having a friend, getting an education, getting married, or leading a normal life.

I was a very active professional, working in a good position, juggling work and parenting to take care of our two girls. I quit my job to focus on the recovery of my daughter. We had to live on my husband’s income. It’s financially difficult, but I never regret it because I know that no one in the world can help my child better than I can.

Thankfully, I met a Mom with two boys on the spectrum. She introduced me to Dr Amy Yasko’s website. I’ll never forget that night. I spent hours reading posts in the on-line discussion group. I ordered the books and DVDs. All of the information was a little overwhelming, but I was able to believe that the Protocol might help Malak because it made sense.

Dr Amy gave me all the answers to my questions, she guided me in every step, she takes the time to write her valuable comments on the tests and always gave me hope that it will get better after the difficult detox we go through.

Malak was two and a half when we began the Protocol in November 2006. She had no language, and no awareness of herself or her environment. She had sleep issues, digestive problems, and delayed motor skills. She couldn’t jump, or hop, and did a lot of spinning movements.

Six months into the program, Malak began to speak. As we did the Protocol, we saw returning a little bit, each day. At nine months into the protocol, Malak could push her chair to the kitchen counter and say words like, cook, kitchen, let’s make spaghetti, chicken.

Now several years later, Malak has hundreds of words in her vocabulary. She can put words together in a sentence like, “I can do it by myself.”

She helps in the kitchen by cleaning and putting dishes in the dishwasher. She is able to sit on the potty on her own, and say, “It is a potty.”

She sings songs all day long, and enjoys singing with her sister, combining songs with hand movements.  She’ll bring me a book and say, “Read, story!”

She loves jumping, she can ride a tricycle on her own, and she sleeps eight to ten hours a night. Most of all, she is happy. She can ask for her needs, or admire herself in the mirror, wearing a favorite skirt or dress.


We had to go through a difficult detox, and may go through more in the future. We’re ready. What happened to Malak opened my eyes, and gave me a real understanding of motherhood. I now see how precious our kids are, and how much they need our support and love.

As a parent, I’ve learned to slow down, and take advantage of each moment I live with my precious children. I’m committed to a long but rewarding road to recovery.

I’m confident now that my daughter can friends, receive a higher education, and have a happy life. I hope that she will have husband and kids one day. Even though we may get there slowly, with Dr Amy and the Protocol, I I have beautiful dreams of a bright future for Malak.

One of most rewarding things for a Mom is hearing the words, “I love you,” from her child. Yesterday, when we were singing together, Malak hugged me, and said “Mom, I Love You!’

The Yasko Protocol is not “just about autism. So I am supporting my methylation cycle too. As our finances improve, we plan to order the Nutrigenomic Test for everyone in our family, to get our bodies healthier for life.

With hope for all the children.

Hela, Mother of my beautiful angel Malak.

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