Matthew Webber

We started our Journey with Dr. Amy’s protocol in 2005.  Matthew was 14 years old and had been doing another protocol for quite a few years.  It seemed like we had tried just about everything out there, various IV’s, different chelations, therapies and loads of supplements, and the gains were minimal.  We found out about the RNA products through our Dr. and as we researched we found Dr. Amy’s site.

Dr. Amy Yasko


Just eliminating the supplements from our previous protocol and beginning step 1 of Dr. Amy’s we began to see his behaviors decrease.

In Step 1 we saw more progress and improvements in behaviors then we had in all of our years of other interventions.

Matthew was a child who was a jumper, hand flapping, constant meltdowns, mood swings and the list goes on.  He seemed like a child with hearing issues but it was processing issues that made him seem so lost.  Going out as a family to eat was impossible because of behaviors.

As we’ve moved through our marathon; and Matthew has definitely been a tortoise, we began to see better eye contact, meltdowns went from daily, to happening only when I pushed detox.  Slowly we are seeing his processing issues improve as well.

The nicest part was that we were able to go out as a family and enjoy a meal without having to leave because of a meltdown or behaviorial issues.

Where is Matthew today?

Dr. Amy Yasko


His reading continues to improve and he is always surprising his teachers with his skills.  In order for him to go to higher level of reading materials, he has to be able to understand simple and complex questions about what he has read.   Each time his teacher takes him to a higher level of reading she expresses her concern about whether he will be able to comprehend the more difficult books; only to have him answer all her questions and show that he is understanding what he reads.

His processing continues to improve in all areas, as well as math. This year is his last year of High School and during our IEP his teachers said that they were sorry this was his last year and if there was any way they could keep him they would; they said he is a joy to have in school and they do not want to see him move on.

We still have some work to do as we move forward with Dr. Amy’s protocol, but when we think back to where he was when we started and how much he has improved these past five years we are amazed.

Thank you to Dr. Amy for her continued research into each piece of the puzzle and to everyone at HHI for their support of our children.

Cindy Webber

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