Andrew Moore

“Mommy, I wanna fly on the yellow airplane and go see Dr. Amy.”

Dr. Amy Yasko

Andrew, 2010

A few months back, when we had our one year anniversary on the Yasko Protocol, I was amazed at the long list of positive results Andrew experienced on the program.

Early on the head banging, toe-walking, and spinning completely disappeared. Then the daily seizures started to go away.

He stopped sitting and staring for long periods, and became engaged with his father and me again. His motor coordination returned, so he was no longer weak, and stopped falling.

He began to speak. His words were no longer jumbled, or backwards. or impossible for him to find. He caught up with learning letter of the alphabet, and numbers.

He was less aggressive and more aware of others. He reconnected with his twin sister Catherine. I’ll never forget that day.

When Catherine fell down and began to cry, Andrew ran and got her pink bunny to comfort her. This was the first time he had shown any empathy at all towards her since his regression.

Normally, Andrew clung to me, was terrified of others, and would NEVER go up to anyone. At a certain point, he even became outgoing, happy and flirty, and began talking to strangers!  as he had been before he regressed.

When his father got back from a week-long business trip, and saw how Andrew was acting, his eyes teared up. He said, “Oh My God, he’s back…he’s just like he was before.” Andrew had only regressed in May 2007, so how he was “before” was still fresh in our minds.

“Mommy, I wanna fly on the yellow airplane and go see Dr. Amy,” he said one day.

“What do you mean Andrew?” I asked.

“I want to thank her for making my tummy feel better and making me not feel scary anymore.”


It took a second for me to realize what he was talking about. Andrew and his twin sister had become obsessed with the yellow DHL truck that picks up the samples for his biochemical tests. One day we drove by the airport, and when Andrew and Catherine asked about the yellow DHL airplane, I told them the DHL truck takes the pee and poop samples and puts them on a yellow airplane to fly them to Dr. Amy.

I was stunned that he had connected all the dots between his tummy feeling better, the DHL plane carrying the tests, and Dr. Amy.

The truth is, Dr. Amy, I think our whole family would like to fly on the yellow airplane to see you and say “Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your most brilliant protocol and for bringing our son so far in a year’s time!!!!!!!”


Wendy, Andrew and the whole Moore family

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