Isabel Carter

Isabel Carter, 2010

The insurance industry categorizes autism as a psychological disorder and does not provide coverage for medical intervention.  Isabel taught me autism not only is a neurological disorder but is also a dysfunction affecting the whole body.

Since she was a toddler, Isabel had bowel issues—constipation, diarrhea, and/or undigested food in her stools.  Her bowel issues kept getting worse and worse.  Isabel also was also very withdrawn and in her own world.  We first tried to address her bowel issues via the traditional medical system.  When that did not help, we began the DAN! Protocol, and she experienced improvement with her digestive system.  We added to the protocol methyl B12 shots, sulfur-based td-dmps, and the specific carbohydrate diet (on which Isabel favored protein).  After a few months, she began to get worse—further withdrawn, in a fog-like state.  It was difficult to engage with her or get her attention.  Also, blood tests indicated her liver and kidneys showed elevated levels of AST.  We stopped chelation until her levels went down.  We resumed chelation and the levels went back up.  We stopped chelation, and we began searching for another intervention.

We read Dr. Amy’s book and learned about how Dr. Amy treats autism by knowing the individual’s genetic mutations and bypassing those mutations with supplements.  Once we got Isabel’s genetics, we understood why she got worse with methyl B12 shots, sulfur-based chelation, and a high protein diet.  Isabel has the MTHFR / COMT mutation which means she can’t tolerate many methyl donors.  It would be better for her to use hydroxy B12 instead of methyl B12.  Also, Isabel has the CBS mutation.  This means she can’t tolerate sulfur and needs a low-protein diet.  High sulfur and high protein with the CBS mutation results in high ammonia levels in the body and caused Isabel to be in a fog-like state.

After we learned this, we switched to Dr. Amy’s protocol.  Dr. Amy’s protocol is comprised of 3 stages.  In Stage 1, we slowly added supplements to support the whole body (e.g., support for liver, kidneys, pancreas, etc.).  Stage 1 also includes a gut protocol to support her digestive system, an ammonia protocol to reduce the high ammonia levels resulting from her intolerance of sulfur and high-protein, and supplements to reduce glutamate and increase gaba.  In Stage 1, Isabel experienced a miraculous transformation.  The ammonia protocol caused her fog-like state to go away.  She became aware of her surroundings.  We no longer lived with a ghost!  Her huge, bloated belly became flat.  Her skin color changed from pale and sickly to rosy pick.  Her eye color changed from gray to green.  Her low muscle tone went away and she started developing muscles all over her body.  Her fear of swings and balance issues went away.  She didn’t seem depressed anymore.

After her ammonia, glutamate, gaba, and other levels were in an appropriate range, we were able to proceed to Stage 2.  In Stage 2, we slowly added supplements to bypass her mutations.  This gets her methylation cycle working—to me, the most important part of Dr. Amy’s protocol.  A properly working methylation cycle helps her body to start detoxifying on its own and helps her immune system to begin working.  In addition, a properly working methylation cycle helps to guard against further neurological damage and other diseases.

Isabel Carter

The next part of Stage 2 is the Metals RNA protocol, which helped Isabel eliminate low-grade, chronic viral infections from her body.  For a period of approximately 4 months each, we gave Isabel Metals 1 which helps eliminate measles, Metals 2 which helps eliminate mumps, Metals 3 which helps eliminate rubella, and Metals 4 which helps eliminate a variety of other childhood viral infections.  When these viral infections are released from the body, they also release toxic metals from the body.  Throughout the Metals RNA protocol, we monitored the toxic metal elimination by running urine toxic metals laboratory tests.  Isabel eliminated so much lead, mercury, aluminum, nickel, cadmium, arsenic, antimony, thallium, tin, and tungsten from her body.  It was weird to think she had that much in her.  The reason for this is because her methylation cycle had not been working well for the majority of her life.  Therefore, her detoxification system had not been working for the majority of her life and she retained the much of the heavy metals she was exposed to in her life.

The improvements Isabel experience in Stage 1 continued to improve in Stage 2.  However, she temporarily regressed during the heavy detoxification she went through with each Metals RNA.  She was stimmy, had focus-issues, stuttered, and couldn’t sit still.  But the regression is a part of the detoxification.  It is a means to an end.  After we were done with the Metals RNAs, her receptive and expressive language was much improved, she had no problem with eye contact, she was more flexible when things weren’t routine, and she connected with her family socially.

Finally, we moved to Stage 3.  With Stage 1 and 2, we healed Isabel’s body.  With Stage 3, we are healing her brain.  Stage 3 helps to connect and remyelinate neurons.  Autism is a neurological condition resulting in a lack of neural connectivity among the brain centers.  A healthy brain has dense, compact and complex neural pathways, connecting all of the brain centers in multiple ways. The autistic brain has long and spindly neural pathways rather than complex and dense pathways.  This lack of connectivity is why people with autism like routine, are resistant to change, and have a social deficit.  With connectivity, all the brain centers are able to communicate simultaneously and the person is more able to adapt to change.

We slowly added the Stage 3 supplements.  Included as an option on Dr. Amy’s list for Stage 3 is Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT).  We rented a soft chamber HBOT for 2 months and did about 90 dives.  The improvements Isabel experienced with Stage 1 and 2 continued to improve but the most notable improvement was higher-level thinking.  Her brain began working better.  She began to understand academic concepts more easily.  She began using her brain to think and figure out concepts.

In Stage 3, we expect the social deficit to go away.  We wish Isabel was one of the children who recover quickly, but she’s not.  We, like all parents, wanted our child’s autism to go away suddenly, quickly, and miraculously.  Some parents have been lucky and have had that happen.  Most parents have not.  Isabel’s brain is still healing and growing connections.  In addition to using Dr. Amy’s protocol, we are also doing Relationship Development Intervention (RDI), a therapy that helps to remediate the social deficit of autism.  We know Isabel’s body is functioning at better levels now.  Dr. Amy’s Stage 3 protocol together with RDI will help connect her damaged neurons and remediate her social deficit.  Everyday she is getting better and better!

Luann, mom to 9-year old Isabel

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