Mit Pickering

Mit Pickering, 2010

My precious Mit came into this world neurologically different. Although outwardly healthy at birth, he emerged from the womb with that now all-too-familiar blank stare in his eye. Developmentally delayed from the beginning, Mit began OT and PT at 11 months. At 12 months he was hospitalized for suspected meningitis 10 days after his MMR and thus began his ìfailure to thrive.î In the following 12 months, Mit went from robust 50th percentile on weight to a sickly 5th percentile.

At 18 months, Mit was also diagnosed with autism. We moved to get Mit into an intensive ABA program at 23 months and put him on a strict GFCF diet . We crisscrossed the country from Texas to New Hampshire to California consulting with experts in Autism; ABA and Verbal Behavior gurus; DAN doctors; chelation specialists.

We tried Sara’s Diet, the Body Ecology Diet, Raw Milk, SCD. We studiously followed the DAN protocol for several years; we did DMSA chelation; we did transdermal DMPS, glutathione, allithiamine, mB12 shots. You name it, we did it. Each seemed to help initially, then progress would stop and the brain fog would return. Although Mit was obviously bright, his ability to learn in therapy was diminishing right before our eyes and more than one renowned ABA and Verbal Behavior Consultants gave up on him.

During these years, I heard of this ìnew Yasko protocolî but failed to understand it and, unfortunately, was slow to make the switch. Finally, as Mit approached his 10th birthday in June 2006 basically at the same point he had been at approaching his 5th birthday, I began to study Dr. Amy’s protocol and the light bulbs started to go on.

We started Mit on Step 1 in October 2006 and have seen remarkable improvements. We layered in the glutamate/GABA balancing supplements followed by organ supports (including the awesome pancreatic protocol), general nutritional support, neurological inflammation reduction then the aluminum protocol. We tackled bacteria and began to see phenomenal aluminum excretion.

His nutrigenomic tests explained why the other approaches did not have lasting effects. It helped me choose appropriate supplements in all areas and most importantly lets me know what types of supplements and foods will be problematic to him. Thanks to Dr. Amy’s brilliant work, this nutrigenomic panel is Mit’s lifeline to health.

Mit Pickering

His health has improved dramatically and he gained 25 lbs in 24 months (up to a whopping 80 lbs!); his brain fog and hyperactivity are greatly diminished; his attention span is improved; his gut is healing; his body is excreting metals and toxins are a regular basis; and heís connecting with the world in new ways everyday.

Mit has mastered fastening his seat belt on his own and can now follow 2 step directions with ease. The development of his fine motor skills has been amazing; he’s mastered the childproof switch on the fire starter. He has started playing for the first time in his life driving his red pedal car and his Gator, running to the swingset to swing after teaching himself to pump his legs, playing with a toy fire truck he has had (and ignored) for years!

Mit has also developed new emotional attachments in recent months. Occasionally, he now even prefers Dad to me, a bittersweet milestone but an important one. His communication is becoming more purposeful signing,  the occasional verbal approximation after years of silence, and the ability to use a new communication device As we approach his 13th birthday, I am stunned at the amount of progress he’s made since we began this protocol.

We have a long journey ahead of us and for the first time in many years, we have hope. Our goal is recovery, and we celebrate each small step in the emergence of our son from the dark veil under which he has always lived. Mit has many mutations that will have to be bypassed and has years of built-up bacteria, viruses and metals to be peeled back. Finally, we have a road map in the nutrigenomic and health testing and a brilliant guide in Dr. Amy to help us navigate the journey.

Thank you, Dr. Amy, for your dedication to our children. You’re making a world of difference to children throughout the world.

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