Dr. Amy’s Message

When I made the commitment to transform my practice to support families with children with autism, I stepped onto a path that is more complex, more demanding—and for me, more rewarding—than any I’ve ever known. It draws on every ounce of my background and expertise in molecular biology, biotechnology, immunology, infectious diseases, and biochemistry.

It is also more challenging emotionally. My heart goes out to every parent of an autistic child who cannot go to sleep at night without wondering when their child will be well. That is why I have chosen to spend the majority of my time working in this field.

Every facet of this program is informed by both caring and science. To use just one example, as a mother myself, I use the criteria that any supplement I recommend must be gentle and mild, one that I would feel no hesitation to use myself, or offer to my husband and three daughters.



Despite all of these efforts, I cannot promise you a cure or a miracle. Recovery is a process, and sometimes a long one. It’s neither fast nor easy, often requiring several years of consistent effort. A key part of recovery is successful detoxification, and not everyone has the fortitude to make it through the detoxification process.  That’s why the only promise I can offer is that I will keep working until we know what’s needed to help recover every child.

My promise is to work on the science, and to be available to answer questions and give support. Whether it’s holding your hand or giving hugs long distance, I want all parents to know that my heart and my head are in this with you.

Defeating autism is a real challenge, and so it is with love and hope for every child that I continue to read, write and research in this field.

With love and hope,

Dr. Amy

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