Getting Started 

I would like to point out that this Getting Started section is not only for people who are just starting; it is also helpful for those who have been using The Yasko Protocol for a long time. I want you to know that this program is unlike any other health program you will encounter. In addition, this is likely going to be a very different experience than you have ever had. This is not a one size fits all program; it truly is a customized program to give you the tools and information that fit your needs and create a personalized map for better health and wellness.

With Love & Hope for Better Health Always,
Dr. Amy

Feel Good Seminars

Please explore our Vimeo page To access Dr. Amy’s live presentations from conferences.

All of my presentations from the past decade have been filmed and uploaded to our Vimeo page, I highly encourage you all to explore this abundant resource. Each of these talks include very important and relevant information that continue to be applicable to my protocol.

Additionally, please enjoy my online presentation that goes hand in hand with my book Feel Good About Your SNPs. You are welcome to read an introduction to this talk and view the entire free presentation below. Similar to our Vimeo page, you will be able to re-visit this information at any time in the future.

With Love & Hope for Better Health Always,
Dr. Amy

The Methylation Cycle & Your SNPs

A Note from Dr. Amy


The Methylation Cycle is a pathway that is directly related to a range of health conditions. This is a pathway that, in my opinion, is the key pathway to health. The Methylation Cycle is critical for survival, leading to potential health issues if this pathway cannot function or is severely compromised. The Yasko Protocol considers overall observations about The Methylation Pathway in addition to looking at specific SNPs, which can give a sense of some of the larger issues to consider in terms of the pathway as a whole.

In spite of one or more serious imbalances in the pathway, an individual’s unique combination of SNPs can be viewed as the body’s effort to have The Methylation Cycle function. When more significant/serious SNPs are present, additional SNPs may help to compensate and ensure The Methylation Cycle flows properly or that problematic compounds do not build up in the pathway. While this may seem counterintuitive, having additional SNPs actually may help to normalize the pathway when it is compromised by a more significant SNP.

I hope that you all will enjoy learning from this virtual presentation that goes hand in hand with my Feel Good About Your SNPs book. I strongly believe that knowledge is power, I find that people are often afraid of their SNPs and I would like to support the shift from fear to understanding. My goal in offering this presentation is to help put your minds at ease, giving you more tools to support your personal journey. I hope that by the end of my presentation, in addition to reading my book, you will begin to have a better understanding of the interactive picture between your SNPs and Methylation Cycle, allaying any internal concerns.

With Love, Hope, and a Hug,
Dr. Amy

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When The Methylation Cycle does not function optimally, it can result in significant consequences as this particular nutritional pathway has been implicated as affecting all causes of mortality. While this may be alarming, since The Methylation Cycle is a nutritional pathway, the use of supplementation may actually help to restore its activity. In terms of supplements, I want to clarify that you do not have to add every single supplement in a given category or every single supplement I may suggest within a client file review. The lists of supplements are options; as always, consult with your health care professional. I offer my expertise and knowledge as to what supplements may helpful for a given imbalance and leave the choice to you and your doctor to determine which best suits your needs.


With Love & Hope for Better Health Always,
Dr. Amy