Following the Program

A Three-Step Program

The program consists of three basic steps:

  1. Preparation, diet, and basic supplementation to help improve digestion and ready your child for the Protocol
  2. Detoxification
  3. Nerve generation and repair

Step One Overview

Most people start Step One while waiting for their child’s Nutrigenomic Test results. But this preparatory program is safe for anyone, whether or not you know your SNPs.

  • Focus on a healthy diet
  • Limit common ingredients that contribute to neurological inflammation. To learn about problematic food ingredients, download our free article, Detecting Neuro-Provoking Foods.
  • Make dietary changes to balance neurotransmitters to help lower neurological inflammation.
  • Improve digestion. To learn more, sign up for our bi-monthly ezine and get Dr. Amy’s Special Report, How-To’s for a Healthy Digestion.


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Step Two Overview

Keep Step One recommendations in place. When you get your child’s test results, you can begin Step Two. Make sure to read Autism: Pathways to Recover so that you understand how to begin to supplement, according to the sequence of SNPs revealed by the test. Dr. Amy’s recommends that you begin slowly. The process can take months or longer.

Join our Online Discussion Group, so that parents, experienced with the Yasko Protocol, can help you become more familiar with it, and respond to your more specific questions.

During Step Two, supporting weaknesses in the Methylation Pathway naturally begins the process of detoxification, because it makes methylation more efficient. There are two phases of detox:

  1. First Phase: Using nutrients and supplements to support weaknesses in the Methylation Pathway. Your recommendations will be customized according to the test results. You will begin to introduce nutrients slowly in a specific sequence detailed in Pathways. You can assess progress via biochemical tests, discussed in Pathways and the workbook.
  2. Phase 2, the Metals Program, which helps to further the detoxification process

Certain SNPs, when present, are addressed first. Otherwise, go right to the SNPs mentioned in the Methylation Pathway Analysis (MPA) which accompanies your test results.

  1. Address SHMT and ACAT (if present in test results.)
  2. Do program to address CBS upregulations (if present in test results.)
  3. Address all other methylation cycle weaknesses revealed by the test results.

Step Three Overview

After sufficient detox, begin Step Three, which helps the body enhance nerve function.

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