Scientists originally thought that the 20,000+ genes in the human genome scripted every human biological activity, but recent research in a burgeoning field called epigenetics, shows that various substances regulate gene activity. This process is called gene expression.

As doctors investigate the health effects of different foods and nutrients, which “talk to our genes,” we’re learning that nutrients can turn on gene activity favorable to health, and turn off unfavorable activity.

The companion science of Nutrigenomics helps us to determine the specific nutrients needed to prompt healthy gene expression in certain key genes, so that people can thrive.

Malak, Age 3

By knowing what gene changes are present in each child, we can target nutritional support to his or her specific combination of genes. Using specific nutritional support, we optimize that child’s gene expression to improve the body’s ability to derive nutrients from food, to produce a balanced immune response, to detoxify, to balance mood and calm neurological activity.

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