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Our Nutrigenomic Test relies on respected genetic testing services, developed over the last few years. The Test identifies genetic changes, called single nucleotide polymorphisms (referred to as SNPs and pronounced SNIPS) in thirty genes.

SNPs subtly alter a gene’s activity. When one or more SNPs occupy important biochemical pathways, they interfere with the performance of that pathway’s health tasks. Once the Nutrigenomic Test reveals an individual’s SNPs, we can target nutrients that help accomplish the tasks on that pathway.



Don’t worry! There’s no need to test all of the 20,000+ genes in the human genome. Based on research findings and clinical results, our Nutrigenomic Test, designed by Dr. Amy, focuses in on key SNPs that regulate neurological inflammation, and its allied conditions, including autism.

The thirty SNPs revealed by our Test are all located on an extended biochemical pathway, called the Methylation Cycle, which performs an astounding range of key bodily functions. That’s why long-term support for the Methylation Cycle can help to address so many of the multiple factors that contribute to autism.

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