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“Thank you Dr. Amy Yasko!!! In following your protocol, our daughter is a completely new child…she didn’t talk or make eye contact. She lived in her own world. Now…She plays with her older brothers (bosses them around), engages in conversations with everyone, enjoys helping in the kitchen…I could fill a book! My favorite memory was just a few months ago…She took my husband’s hands and said, “dance with me daddy”. I cried like you would not believe! I praise God for you and your work. I pray for protection for you, your family, and your work,”


“…I am truly so thankful to you, and your family, for the incredibly comprehensive information that you have put together in your books and made available at no charge to those of us in desperate search for answers. you truly have changed lives…”


“You have been such an important part of our family’s healing. Thank you for all you do,”


“I’ve learned so much and staying well is now easier,”


“Dr. Amy Yasko was my very first contact into the world of DNA for myself and for those I advocate for my holistic MD referred me and the rest is history. Thank you Dr. Amy,”


“Thank you, Dr. Amy. Your Simplified Protocol gave me my life back…After I started feeling better, one of my kids said, ‘I’m glad to have our mom back.’ Numerous specialists couldn’t help me but you did,”


“Dear Dr. Amy, Your honesty and grace astound me. Your words warm my heart every time I read them. I am one lucky woman to have been introduced to you. I started your program…and enjoying more of life because of you. You give me much hope for a healthy future. There were times along the way when I prayed for a Dr. Amy Yasko hospital to check into because I felt alone and scared. And because my case is so complicated I wished for some bedside care. Many times your chat room team has brought me through some very rough times and I’m forever grateful…”


“Thank you Dr. Yasko…. obstacles to grace melt away….the light shines for all these children and their families through your mind as an instrument,”


“We are so thankful for you Dr. Amy Yasko – your research and your program have changes the lives of so many people…before you we had no hope, following your program we have a thriving healthy daughter…”


“Thank you, as a wife of a Desert Storm vet and a mother of three activity service men, you have helped me educate my five children about their genetics…”


“Dear Dr. Amy Yasko, your work is exceptional and has helped me very much in my own research…Thank you for all the hard work you are doing…”


“Many thanks and gratitude to you Dr. Amy! You are always finding new ways to give. I know I’ve said it countless times, but I’m saying it again, your kind compassion and brilliant research and implementing your remarkable program is above and beyond anyone/anything I’ve experienced in the medical system. I am so grateful to you,”


“Dear Dr. Amy…Thank you for helping us and others, and for encouraging people to seek for help at point when it seems that there is none…and then a miracle happens but all thanks to you!…Thank you as always for keeping the faith for better health!”


“Thank you for all you do for us that believe in your hard work over the years!”


“Dr. Amy, you are a blessing! You are a gift for all who have been fortunate to learn from you! Thank you for your heart, and your brilliance!”


“Reading your research years ago finally got me on the right path for getting help for my daughter. I’m forever grateful,”


“I continue to give a big ‘thank you’ to you, Dr. Amy. Your remarkable intelligence and understanding of biochemical pathways is brilliant and like no other, combined with a huge heart and deep compassion always leaves me beyond words. In a world with so many searching for a way to sustain their good health and others fighting for good health, I continue to have deep gratitude and respect for you and the countless ways you have helped me…May more doctors find a way to open to your genius and cultivate a heart like yours,”


“…we are so very thankful for you Dr. Yasko! Thank you for everything you do, we know you are going to completely change our daughter’s life…We see it slowly happening every day while on the program. We pray…that you have everything in your life that you need to keep helping children like ours…”


“…I actually only recently started using your All in One multi and I really like it. I truly notice a difference between yours and other multis. Thank you for your dedication to making products to help our families,”


“For years your work has opened a door for me in helping others as a nurse practitioner. It has helped me understand health challenges in our extended family. Wow, the time frame from 2010 to present has definitely been an eye opener for awareness and personal health challenged. Thank you for providing guidance to many on the journey through this point in time,”


“…love YOU Dr. Amy, always, for your heart of gold and good teachings for so many!”


“Thank you so much for everything you do! Our daughter has less anxiety every single day,”


“Thank you Dr. Amy Yasko for all you do, it has changed my life for the better in so many ways,”


“Thank you Dr. Amy…I’ve experienced firsthand, countless times, just how much you care about those of us struggling with health. Your compassion, generosity, commitment to keep learning and passing on your findings, as I’ve said many times, is commendable. I’ve yet to meet any health care professional that comes even close to you in knowledge and care. Thanks to you and your staff for all the new tools, and for the excellent friendly service!…Always with deep gratitude,”


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When The Methylation Cycle does not function optimally, it can result in significant consequences as this particular nutritional pathway has been implicated as affecting all causes of mortality. While this may be alarming, since The Methylation Cycle is a nutritional pathway, the use of supplementation may actually help to restore its activity. In terms of supplements, I want to clarify that you do not have to add every single supplement in a given category or every single supplement I may suggest within a client file review. The lists of supplements are options; as always, consult with your health care professional. I offer my expertise and knowledge as to what supplements may helpful for a given imbalance and leave the choice to you and your doctor to determine which best suits your needs.


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