I expect that you will be pleasantly surprised by the personal support and interactions from me, as well as from each of the caring individuals that are a part of Holistic Health. I think you will be touched by the level of caring, love, and hope that you will learn to expect from all of us. However, you may be overwhelmed with the volume of information and products, and perhaps a bit daunted by it at first. Please do not hesitate to connect with our amazing customer support team with any questions or concerns you may have.

Additionally, I encourage you all to join our Chat Group. While the site itself could use a bit of a cosmetic overhaul, please know that the support you will receive through this forum is truly exceptional. This is a place for emotional support along with concrete scientific ideas. Parents can chat with each other, moderators are present to help answer questions about The Yasko Protocol, and you will see posts from me as well.

With Love & Hope for Better Health Always,
Dr. Amy

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We invite you to join our chat group, a place for emotional support along with concrete scientific ideas and stories of hope rewarded with over 250,000 posts 40,000 topics and almost 30,000 people. Parents chat to each other, moderators help to answer questions about Dr. Amy’s protocol, and there are regular posts from Dr. Amy herself.

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With a 5+ year waiting list for consults, Dr. Amy decided over a decade ago that she needed to change the way her knowledge was reaching people. As a result, Dr. Amy began to share her resources for free as a way to support a wider range of people all at once. Through her protocol, Dr. Amy’s goal is to share the information you need to take your health into your own hands, creating a paradigm shift in how we deal with chronic conditions. 

While Dr. Amy no longer offers regular consultations, you can receive her professional feedback through a client file review (at no additional cost) by running biochemical tests. A client file review allows Dr. Amy to comment on your results, adding suggestions for your consideration that you can discuss with your health care professional. The idea is to make you the expert on your own path to health, gathering tools so that you (with the assistance of your doctor) can make informed health decisions moving forward. The Yasko Protocol adjusts with your ongoing test results to address your specific needs and imbalances over time. By running regular tests, Dr. Amy is able to provide updated personalized feedback and is better equipped to customize her program to your changing needs. As always, consult with your health care professional on all decisions.

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When The Methylation Cycle does not function optimally, it can result in significant consequences as this particular nutritional pathway has been implicated as affecting all causes of mortality. While this may be alarming, since The Methylation Cycle is a nutritional pathway, the use of supplementation may actually help to restore its activity. In terms of supplements, I want to clarify that you do not have to add every single supplement in a given category or every single supplement I may suggest within a client file review. The lists of supplements are options; as always, consult with your health care professional. I offer my expertise and knowledge as to what supplements may helpful for a given imbalance and leave the choice to you and your doctor to determine which best suits your needs.


With Love & Hope for Better Health Always,
Dr. Amy